September ’07

 September the 24th : Meeting of the Executive Council in Rome. Cardinals Schönborn and Ruini have been discussing the main topics. Then Cardinal Schönborn presided the meeting with all members of the Executive Council. He has been encouraging all of them in their intensive work for the Congress. He told that this congress is a important heritage of Pope John Paul II to develop today. He said he is surprised by a real explosion of interest for the Divine Mercy in the whole world. As the Congress is open to everybody, the challenge is that we will have to deal with official delegates on one hand and with all people on the other one. It is a grace. So we will have to take into consideration three items :

1. The aspects pilgrimage and congress are distinct, but they cannot be separated.

 2. The ecclesial openness of the Congress : it is not properly a “faustinian” congress, although Sister Faustinas message in fact  is important and received in the whole Church ; many realities of the Church have been living throughout centuries and are living the Mercy of God revealed first of all by the Gospel ; we have to find a way for the whole Church, a way without any exclusion.

3. The deep connection between Congress and Mission of evangelization : it is important to guarantee it in view of the future continental and national congresses.

September 26th-28th : the third meeting of the European Committee was held in Ars, with the participation of new members coming from Ireland, England and the Middle East. The example of the Lithuanian committee of organization inspired many of the other delegates. They have been discussing the way of realizing evangelization every afternoon in the City of Rome. Other topics as medias, involvement of all, universality have been discussed. The committee had the privilege of the participation of cardinal Barbarin and Msgr. Bagnard, local bishop of Belley-Ars.

From the 13th to the 17th of september, the latin american committee meets for the second time, with new members and official delegates.
The website is growing with the participation of all continents. Statutes are being studied.
Everybody feels that this is the beginning of a very long story : the light for men and women of the third millenium will be the Divine Mercy. (see JPII, 30 April 2000)