Schedule for the European Apostolic Congress on Mercy

The European Apostolic Congress of Mercy will take place in Roma, Italy ; from march 31st to April 4th, being part of the Great Mercy Year.

On thursday, March 31st of 2016, Church Sant’Andrea della Valle (near Largo Argentina)

- At 14:00 : Sing
- At 14:05 Inaguration´s Words
- At 14:15 Conference of Cardenal Christoph Schönborn, president del WACOM
- At 15:00 : Hour of Mercy with Vespers
- At 16:00 : In the church of Saint´Andrea della Valle with ¨The faces of Mercy¨
- At 16:20 : Testimonies from Litunia, Czech Republic and Romania
- At 16:40 : Robert Schumann and the politic of Mercy in Europe (P. Joseph Jost, vice- postulateur)
- At 17:10 : Pausa
- At 17:30 : A network of the Compassion´s City
- At 18:20 : Faces of Mercy in Spain, Poland, Austria and Germany (P. Aurelio Perez, P. Aleksander Pietrzyk, Andrea Dobrovits-Neussl)
- At 19:00 : the Holy Mass (S.E. Mons. Domenico Cancian)
- At 20:00 : End oj the first journey

On friday, april 1st of 2016, Church Sant’Andrea della Valle (near Largo Argentina)

- At 8:30 : Laudes
- At 9:00 : The Holy Mass
- At 10:00 : Testimonies in Mision of Mercy to the suburbs
- At 10:25 : Testimony from european french speaking area
- At 10:33 : Pause
- At 10:50 : Conference (Cardinale Walter Kasper)
- At 11:30 : Shared Lectio divina ( with P. Patrice Chocholski) )
- At 12:30 : End of the morning for lunch
- At 14:30 : Holy Hour with the Crown of Mercy and vespers
- At 15:30 : A church with open doors. The prophecy of Pope Francis(Prof. Alici) _At 15:50 : The grace and the challenge for the Year of Mercy From 18:00 to 24:00 : Night of Reconciliation in the jubilee´s church with the penance service that will be hosted, to finally close with confessions

On saturday, april 2nd

At 7:00, in the churches of jubilee, different activities will be held, such as :
- Catechesis on Mercy,
- Eucharistic Worshiping
- Pilgrimage to the Holy door.

16:00 ( San Pedro’s plaza)
- testimonies and animation

After that, at 18:00 (San Pedro’s plaza)
- the Vigil of prayers with the Pope Francisco.

On Sunday, April 3rd, (divine mercy sunday)

at 10:00, the concelebration of the holy mass will be carried out at San Pedro’s plaza with the Pope Francisco.

Finally, on Monday April 4th

at 10:00 is the meeting between the continental and national coordinators with the Cardenal Schönborn and the priest Patrice.

- The total payment is : 25€ (Euros)
- It includes the audio´s traduction. YES
- Don´t include the food. NO. The breakfast, lunch or dinner is NOT include.

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