Registration for the upcoming World Congress 2011 available on line from November, 15th 2010


The meeting hosted by the Hungarian committee gathered Continental and European coordinators who have already been involved in organizing a continental or national congress. The purpose was to collect experiences and proposals for the upcoming Second World Apostolic congress on Mercy to be held in Cracow (October, 1-5, 2011)




Budapest, Friday, April 30, 2010


Intensive work for the participants at the headquarters of the Hungarian Episcopal Conference.

09 :00 : Welcome speech delivered by His excellency Msgr Katona on behalf of the Hungarian Committee and by Eva and Peter Csillag, the European coordinators.

09 :15 : Meditation conducted bys His Eminence Cardinal Erdö "Divine Mercy and the Church of the XXIth. century".

10 :00 : Introduction speech (Fr Patrice Chocholski)

10 :15 : Power Point presentation "Divine Mercy congresses in Asia" by Mary Anawim, on behalf of Msgr Ramirez, Continental Coordinator for Asia.


 or "a sucessful coordination at a continental level"



10 :30 : Powerpoint presentation "Divine Mercy congresses in Oceania" by Fr Ponifasio

10 :45 : Powerpoint presentation "Divine Mercy congresses in Africa" by Bishop Martin Uzoukwu, Continental Coordinator for Africa and Madagascar.


 or "Divine Mercy Pastoral deployment and meeting with other religions"



11 :00 : Powerpoint Presentation "North American Congress on Mercy" by Fr M. Mauriello, continental coordinator for Northern America.


  or "how to organize a continental Congress ?"


11 :15 : Powerpoint presentation "National Mercy congress in Italy" by Bishop Cancian.


 or "a bishop’s involvement in the Nationwide promotion of Divine Mercy"


 11 :30 : Testimonial of a Benedictine priest, Placid Olofsson, OB, who spent 10 years in Gulag.

12 :00 : Holy Mass

13 :00 : Lunch

15 :00 : Divine Mercy chaplet

15 :30 : Powerpoint presentation "Divine Mercy congresses in South America" by J. C. Saucedo Van der Hans belonging to the South American and the Caribbean’s Committee. 


 "Mercy and Evangelization"



16 :00 : Preparing Cracow 2011 with Adam MAZURKIEWICZ, Logistics representative of the Archdiocese of Cracow.

16 :30 : Discussions and sharing out of tasks (geographical location according to linguistic family, testimonies, afternoon workshops, proposals….)

18 :00 Conclusions