Congress 2010



This was an opportunity for immense personal and parish growth and for the dissemination of the Divine Mercy mission and message throughout our nation, therefore it was important to note that this congress was not limited to the participation of only those groups who are directly involved with the Divine Mercy but to all parish ministries, for example, St Vincent de Paul, Catholic Women’s League, DOVE, Joshua, Charismatic Renewal, Youth Groups, Prayer Groups, Rosary Groups, Passionist Family Groups, Pioneers, Legionaries, and Evangelisation groups.

It is for the Church Universal, as Mercy is universally proclaimed by Jesus Christ through His Church for all people for all times. All are needy, no one is excluded. 

This congress enable all to more fully understand the reasons why God’s Mercy (Divine Mercy) is central to the Mission of the Church as a new model for evangelisation by answering the call voiced by Cardinal Schonborn at the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM) in Rome, April 2008, to beApostles of Mercy” by proclaiming mercy  : First, A Way of Life” ; Second, A Message”, and Third, A Devotion.” 

Thank you and God Bless.

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