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About WACOM III and Continental Congresses - WHAT IS NEXT ?

Here some news : on August 5 to 7 this year, we had a Pre- Congress in Bogota, with Cardinal Schönborn and latin american and caribbean delegations.

Summarizing :

  • WACOM III dates are confirmed : 15-19 August 2014.
  • We have the full support of the Archdiocese of Bogota, the Colombian Bishops’ Conference and the CELAM (Conference of the Bishops of Latin America).
    Press conference at CEC -  voir en grand cette image
    Press conference at CEC
    with Card. Salazar -  voir en grand cette image
    with Card. Salazar

    The document of Aparecida for the continental mission will help us to become disciples-missionaries of Christ Mercy. Written under the guidance of former Cardinal Bergoglio, this will become a spark for the mission of the Church in the whole world. Letters of invitation to WACOM III will be sent by Cardinals and CELAM to all bishops and congregations in Latin America and Caribe.

  • Logistics and transportations of the Archdiocese will be at our service to offer full packages from airport to airport, including touristic visits before or after Congress, according to wish of your group. Costs will be fixed on our registrations’ website and specified in dialogue with this agency. Sure, you can already buy your plane tickets.
  • A committee has been working on this project
    Committee of coordination -  voir en grand cette image
    Committee of coordination

    since april 2013. Registrations will open probably next month.

  • The structure of WACOM III will respect the previous ones : five days with talks and testimonies in the morning, workshops and mission in parishes in the afternoon, Festivals in the evening. The meeting for national coordinators will take place on the 19th, afternoon and evening.
  • There is no problem regarding security. Bogota is safe. Absolutely no guerilla in this aria. Well, be careful with thieves, like in Rome and, worse, in Paris !
  • Next 9 months, beginning from October, we will send you biblical sheets to prepare your delegations to the Congress : it is a help to lectio divina, specially prayed in order to open our heats to WACOM III.
  • If you knew somebody, able to give a deep testimony of the experience of the Divine Mercy in his life, please let us know about him patricechl chez

Some other news, coming from other continents :

  • A picture of the filipino Congress in Cagayan : all dioceses were represented. We thank the Bishops.
    Cagayan 1 -  voir en grand cette image
    Cagayan 1
    Cagayan 2 -  voir en grand cette image
    Cagayan 2

  • An Institute of formation to the Mission of Mercy was founded in Manila under Cardinal Tagle last year. Already 300 priests, nouns and catechists sent by Continental Chinas Dioceses have been formed and already in China.
  • The 2nd OACOM for Oceania will be held in Samoa in October (1-5), with an important participation of the islands, NZ and Australia. Let us pray for this event, organized by Archbishop Alapati Mataeliga.

Dear Friends and Coordinators, see you… NEXT YEAR… IN BOGOTA !

Fr Patrice Chocholski WACOM General Secretary

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