Every month, Divine Mercy devotees gather for a cenacle fellowship in different homes, different families. We sing praises to glorify the Mercy of the Lord. We repent for our shortcomings and failures by asking forgiveness from the merciful Lord. We read the Diary of Sta. Faustina : Divine Mercy In My Soul as basis for our spiritual interaction.

We share life’s testimonies which definitely empower us to make Divine Mercy as a WAY OF LIFE. In this way, we internalize and meditate the spirit of the Divine Mercy’s messages.

It is so comforting to listen to the heartwarming faith-filled miracles of daily life. How inspiring to hear that the encounter of the Lord’s Mercy has changed or lighten the difficult journey of life for most of us. We powered ourselves not only from the Diary but also from Divine Mercy related articles or other spiritual books.

We say or chant the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy after putting our prayer requests before His Altar of Mercy. Intentions from our hearts to the world, our families, our friends, our Mother Church and the entire humanity. With love for Mary, our Mother of Mercy, we say the Holy Rosary with « Ave Maria » hymns.

Before we end the cenacle, we announce Divine Mercy forthcoming activities and other spiritual events. From here, the host family especially says a closing prayer. The embrace of mercy which we give to each other after the cenacle symbolizes the joy we have in deepening our love for the awesome Merciful Lord. There are still many families to be evangelized in this land. With the challenging task of sharing the sparks of Mercy, we can only give our best, our humble way of doing this cenacle with total trust in the Lord who said to Sta. Faustina :

" Do whatever is within your power to spread devotion to My Mercy. I will make up for what you lack. « ( Diary # 1074 ) » Proclaim to the whole world My Unfathomable Mercy. ( Diary # 1142 )